A New Life is a management service for persons with disabilities.


Our Mission is to provide a more resourceful facility to help manage the challenges that those with impairments experience to pursue their best quality of life.

We are a company passionate about building - or, re-building the lives of persons with disabilities and developing their story through passion. We work with individuals, employers and corporations, both international and local, and are keen on cultivating a collaborative relationship with our clients and partners.

Ms. LaKiesha Wolffe founded A New Life because she at age 33, became an above-knee amputee. Ms. Wolffe quickly learned that there was no facility or adequate resource centers on island to help her move forward and sustain the life she needed in order to continue to take care of children and herself. Ms. Wolffe is the only physically-impaired person on island that provides a resource center to help those with disabilities and their families  obtain the quality of life that they deserve.